Aesthetic body surgery

Remold the shapes of the body with modern and safe surgical techniques.

Age, weight gain, pregnancies and menopause leave signs on the body, causing the formation of localized fat deposits and a loss of elasticity in the skin, which tends to become less toned and to give way. Thanks to cosmetic surgery it is possible to make the body lean and slender again, minimizing discomfort thanks to experience and personalized operations.

  • Female genital surgery

    The labioplasty or nymphoplasty allows you to remodel the vaginal area, reducing the size of the small lips and making the intimate life peaceful again.

  • Onychectomy

    The outpatient surgery operation that helps to solve the problem of an ingrown toenail or onychocriptosis, a condition that mainly involves the toenails.

  • Buttocks Augmentation

    Remodeling of the buttocks with lipofilling or through the implantation of silicone prostheses. Firms the emptied and relaxed buttocks making them firm and free from laxity.

  • Arm lift (brachioplasty)

    The targeted lifting that solves the skin laxity of the arms. The excess skin is permanently eliminated and the arms will turn back to being firm, lean and visibly younger.

  • Thigh lift

    It eliminates the relaxed skin from the inside of the thigh, an imperfection that often affects the female figure. The operation removes excess skin, firms the thighs and slims-out the silhouette.

  • Lipofilling (fat transfer)

    The patient's body fat is used as a filler to reshape various areas of the body. The operations allow one to obtain a pleasant, natural and definitive filling.

  • Liposculpture (Liposuction)

    The liposculpture techniques help to definitively eliminate the accumulations of localized fat and make the figure leaner and more harmonious.

  • Mini - abdominoplasty

    The minimally invasive solution to the blemishes of the skin and excess adipose tissue on the abdomen. In a natural and definitive way firms up the area below the navel.

  • Abdominoplasty “tummy tuck”

    The operation that involves the remodeling of the abdominal area through the correction of skin laxity and excess fat, making the belly flat and firm.

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