Aesthetic face surgery

To eliminate wrinkles of the face, correct the signs of aging and reshape the profile

Face lift operations, blepharoplasty, and lipofilling to correct facial volumes and other surgical services to get back a youthful face free from the signs of aging. Modern cosmetic surgery, acting specifically on blemishes and problems, respects the features and enhances the natural beauty of the face.

  • Upper and lower blepharoplasty

    The operation that allows you to rejuvenate your eyes and free your eyes from laxity, under eye bags and dark circles, acting on the upper and lower eyelid.

  • Face lift and mini-face lift

    These procedures aim to reduce the signs of aging, correcting excess skin and repositioning of the facial volumes, either in a circumscribed way or involving the whole face.

  • Lipofilling of the face

    Injections of autologous fat make it possible to naturally reshape the volumes of the face, correcting the emptying and helping to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin.

  • Remodeling of the oval of the face using the "FaceTite" technique

    The technique of assisted radiofrequency lipolysis helps to correct laxity and signs of aging of the face. A targeted and minimally invasive lifting effect.

  • Rhinoplasty

    Remodeling of the nasal septum corrects nose defects and improves the profile of the whole face. It also helps resolve functional breathing defects.

  • Genioplasty

    The operation corrects the shape of the jaw and its dimensions, resolving the imperfections associated with a receding or too large of a chin.

  • Otoplasty

    The method of the correction of prominent ears and other imperfections and asymmetries of the auricles. Gives balance and harmony to the whole face.

  • Removal of xanthelasmas

    The minimally invasive operation that frees the eyelids from the localized accumulations of yellowish cholesterol called xantelasmas or xanthomas of the eyelid.

  • Brow lift

    This targeted facelift corrects the sagging of the skin of the eyebrows related to age, giving the face an attractive and rested look again.

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