F.U.E. autotransplant and regenerative medicine to stop hair loss.

The study of anatomy, physiology and hair diseases has various applications in medicine, which involve aspects that concern both health and aesthetics (aspects that often coincide with the concept that is also protected by the Italian Constitution “Protecting in PSYCHO-PHYSICAL wellbeing”).

In the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery the trichological research mainly focuses on effective techniques that help to reduce and counteract thinning and hair loss, whatever the cause of the phenomenon (stress, baldness, androgenetic alopecia).

Against thinning and hair loss

Treatments and operations aimed at improving hair health are nowadays increasingly in demand: although generally men seek this type of solution, the number of female patients using these methods is increasing due to the higher incidence of the phenomena of hair loss among women.

The importance of a natural-looking result

Surgical or not, the treatments that patients require must have a single fundamental characteristic: giving natural and definitive results, which avoid the “brush” or “doll” effect typical of the most obsolete transplant techniques.

We therefore find refined microsurgical techniques that exploit the concept of auto-grafting and methods of regenerative medicine that stimulate the scalp: thanks to the use of autologous substances such as PRP (Platelet Gel) and the patient’s hair bulbs, regrowth will be progressive and natural and definitive results will be achieved.